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In each episode, you’ll get access all areas to the most influential music photographers of our time where they'll share their secrets, successes and crazy stories from their Rockstar life.

You’ll hear from tour photographers, award winners and best selling authors . Every episode is an opportunity to learn actionable insights to help you live your dreams as a music photographer.

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HTBARP 38 Anthony D'Angio: Balancing Music and Landscape Photography


HTBARP 37 Mike Savoia: Being A Photographer For Music Caribbean Cruises


HTBARP 36 Scott Kelby: Being A Photographer, Author and Entrepreneur

HTBARP 35 Luke Curtis: Why You Should Start Out Shooting For Free

HTBARP 34 John Raptis

HTBARP 34 John Raptis: Building Your Own Photography Brand


HTBARP 33 Jack Lue: First Music Photographer of Guns 'N' Roses 


HTBARP 32 Igor Rockexposure: Building A Successful Music Photography Business


HTBARP 31 Raul Soria Jr.: Bein A Concert Photographer In Hawaii


HTBARP 30 Paul Miles: Writing A Book About The Sex Tips From Rock Stars


HTBARP 29 Julian Stone: Photographing The Police And Prince In The 80's

HTBARP 28 Ty Taylor Vintage Trouble

HTBARP 28 Ty Taylor: Frontman and Singer of Vintage Trouble

Todd Spoth HTBARP 27

HTBARP 27 Todd Spoth: Working In the Music and Entertainment Industry


HTBARP 26 Silvy Maatman: Touring With Biohazard and Sick Of It all


HTBARP 25 Scott Legato: Working With Getty Images


HTBARP 24 Nici Eberl: Becoming A Concert Photographer from Scratch


HTBARP 23 Ebru Yildiz: Shooting a 75-Day Music Festival


HTBARP 22 Kenneth Sporsheim: Working For Metal Hammer Norway


HTBARP 21 Brian Firedman: Living Your Dream As Music Photographer


HTBARP 20 Alan Hess: Writing 16 Photography Books

HTBARP 19 Justin Sullivan

HTBARP 19 Justin Sullivan: Founding Member of New Model Army (NMA)


HTBARP 18 William Selviz: How To Build Your Own Online Magazine

HTBARP 17 Brad Moore: The Business Of Being A Self-Employed Photographer


HTBARP 16 Per Ole Hagen: A Solution Against Rights Grabbing Contract

HTBARP 15 Georgia Flynn: Building A Gig Photography Community 


HTBARP 14 Dustin Jack: Working With Mötley Crüe and Zack Wylde


HTBARP 13 Pooneh Ghana: Working For NME, VICE And Red Bull

HTBARP 12 Zack Whitford: Tour Photographer Of Aerosmith

HTBARP 11 Zach Portugal. The Man blog

HTBARP 11 Zach Carothers: Bass Player of Portgual. The Man

HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado

HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado: Being A Professional Heavy Metal Photographer

HTBARP9 Jason Miller_Podcast

HTBARP 9 Jason Miller: Linkedin Marketing For Concert Photographers

HTBARP8 Drew Gurian

HTBARP 8 Drew Gurian: Intersection of Music and Lifestyle Photography


HTBARP 7 Tim Thornton: Guitartist and Drummer Of Fink

HTBARP 6 Alexander Hallagl: Self-Publishing Your Own Photo Book 

HTBARP 5 Dana Distortion: Dealing With Challenges As A Music Photographer 

HTBARP 4 Steve Brazill

HTBARP 4 Steve Brazill: Music Contracts And Photo Pit Etiquette

Peter Neill

HTBARP 3 Peter Neill: Working With U2, The Script And Queen 

Kevin Wilson

HTBARP 2 Kevin RC Willson: Becoming An Ambassador For Think Tank, Black Rapid 

HTBARP 1: Interview with Katarina Benzova

HTBARP 1 Kat Benzova: Tour Photographer Of Guns 'N' Roses and AC/DC

Matthias Hombauer

HTBARP 0 Matthias Hombauer: Why He Started The HTBARP Podcast  

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