HTBARP 9 Jason Miller: LinkedIn Marketing For Concert Photographers

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Todays guest is Jason Miller, a London based music photographer and the global content and social marketing leader at LinkedIn.

How cool is this?

For everyone who is not familiar with LinkedIn. In Jasons words it´s “a professional network, where you connect with your online professional identity.”.

You might ask now, “Why the hell has no one ever told me to use this platform?”

No worries, 99% of all concert photographers are not using LinkedIn to get in contact with band managements or promotors and so on.

Therefore I am super excited to have someone like Jason on the Podcast to reveal  the social media secrets for concert photographers that no one is talking about.

 In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • What Jason learned from 12 years being in the music business (Sony)
  • What LinkedIn is
  • How to use LinkedIn as concert photographer
  • The best ways to use Pinterest
  • Why marketing matters more than a good photo

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  • I haven’t had much luck on Linkedin… it doesn’t work as easily as other sites. For instance, I tried posting an animated gif and that didn’t work. Just try to delete a post. I’m no beginner with computers and social media, but linkedin is not at all user friendly.

    • Thanks fro your comment James. I just googled and found that “LinkedIn does not support animated GIFs at all”. So, this is not a platform to post Gifs.

      • Yup, I figured that out. Whether or not linkedin takes gifs isn’t really a big issue. Linkedin isn’t intuitive at all. I know computers, by the way.. I teach it at a college. Frankly, I’m wasting time on it.. too little to gain and too much time wasted. My suspicion is the answer would be: BUY THE UPGRADE! You know how many sites out there give you a sample then hit you for the upgrade price? That’s another way of wasting time and money. Bottom line is be smart. But I love photographing country artists and specialize in up and comers. If you like restrictive, even hilarious, agreements from acts, photograph the big ones. No thanks. I like the hungry artists who give me full reign.

        • Everyone has her/his own opinion and this is fine. I use the free LinkedIn account and successfully contacted band mangers. You definitely don´t have to shoot the big Rockstars. I agree, up and coming bands are easier to grow with.