Today’s guest is the guy who inspired me to become a photographer myself, Mr Chase Jarvis.

Let me give you a short overview of what Chase has already achieved in his life:

He has photographed for Nike, Apple, Google and Pepsi to name a few companies, he helped Nikon to launch their first video digital SLR camera (D90). Chase was the youngest person to be named Hasselblad Master, Nikon Master and ASMP Master, in 2014 he was recognized as one of the most influential photographers by the Huffington Post. Chase is the co-founder of CreativeLive, an online education platform which became one of the largest live-streaming education company. In 2011 he started a series Chase Jarvis Live where he interviewed industry leaders from different fields and shared their knowledge with us. Chase has his Podcast show and he’ll publish his new Book “Creative calling” on September 24th.

What else can I say? I was blown away when I got the confirmation that Chase will join my show and here you have it.

This upcoming interview is fully packed with tips and tricks from his journeys as a photographer and entrepreneur. We’ll dive deep into our daily routines, why we both practice transcendental meditation and why we love taking cold showers in the morning.

This episode is for everyone who wants to upgrade his/her lifestyle, be more creative in the projects you love and infuse your world with meaning.

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In this Episode, You’ll learn

  • How every person has a creative side inside of them
  • How to get from a place where you are at this moment, to a place where you want to be
  • Why is it important to love what you do

Chases’ New Book

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