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Todays guest is New York based music and lifestyle photographer Drew Gurian,

He got his start in the industry traveling the world with world-renowned photographer, Joe McNally for five years, as his first assistant and right-hand man. He was travelling close to half a million miles in the air, he assisted Joe with client shoots, workshops and conferences around the world, working with tens of thousands of people.

I am pretty excited that Drew found the time to sit down with me and discuss his photography approach when it comes down to portraits and concerts shots. We talk about his collaboration with Mumford and Sons, how to survive in the photography business and which marketing approach Drew takes to stay on top of the game.

Kendrick_Lamar_Drew_GurianMumford_and_Sons_Drew_GurianElvis Costello Drew Gurian

 In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • Why New York is the number 1 city for photographers
  • How Drew became the assistant of the famous JoeMcNally and what he learned from him
  • Why he is working on the intersection of music and lifestyle photography
  • About his collaboration with Mumford&Sons
  • Drews’ approach when shooting portraits of famous artists
  • What defines an awesome photo
  • Why Instagram is Drews go-to social media channel

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Facebook: @drewgurianphotography

Instagram: @drewgurian

Twitter: @drewgurian

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