Peter Neill

Peter Neill is a London based music photographer and former IT professional. He is also Head of Content at “Be-Hookd”, a social media agency that helps musicians with their social media presence.

In this episode, Peter will talk about how he landed his first concert photography job for U2, how he felt when he was working with one of his livelong idols Queen and what he loves about when shooting for The Script. Peter will reveal his approach when shooting portraits and we`ll discuss why social media is becoming more important than ever for bands and concert photographers. Furthermore he’ll talk his best tips for using Twitter and the importance of using the right hashtags.


Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get started to work with bands such as U2, The Script, and Queen?
  • What is your approach when shooting band portraits?
  • How did you become the head of content at “Be-Hookd”, a social media agency
  • What are your favorite social media channels and why?
  • What makes a great live music photo?

In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • Why you have to give when you want to get
  • How to approach bands
  • Insights into Peters Portrait work with the Script
  • How to use Twitter to build a following
  • Why you should market yourself in unique ways to stand out as a concert photographer nowadays

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