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Today’s guest is Finland based photographer and music video director Ville Juurikkala.

In this interview, we’re talking about his approach when shooting intimate portraits of Rockstars like Slash, Steven Tyler and Chester Bennington, how he was able to get his photos into important art museums (e.g. Morrison Hotel Gallery) and how a 3 months pilgrimage walk on Santiago’s Road helped him to connect to his inner-self with the result to live a more meaningful life.

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Secretary-General portrayed on the day of
The Farewell Celebration for His Excellency.
Assignment by the United Nations.

“I was there working in cooperation with painter Rauli Mård who hand-coloured my portraits.

This art piece was given to the Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and few weeks after the event he sent a letter where he was personally thanking us for the portrait.”

In this Episode, You’ll learn

  • How to take photos of Rockstars and spend time with family
  • Why it is important to be aware of your inner-self
  • How Ville found a blanced life between family and work

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