Today’s guest is DJ photographer Drew Ressler, better known as RUKES.

Rukes is considered the #1 DJ photographer in the world (named #1 in the “Greatest Music Photographers Right Now” by Complex in 2012).

He’s come a long way since his first foray into DJ and event photography in late 2003. After moving to LA and tagging along with DJ’s for gigs at Avalon Hollywood, he began honing his skills and upgrading his equipment throughout 2004-2005.

In 2006 he quit his “real job” in the gaming industry to focus on photography full time, working for Avalon, Giant, and Insomniac for the next few years in Los Angeles.

All that hard work paid off when he landed his first tour with Deadmau5 in 2009, traveling all over the globe with him. From that point on, Rukes hasn’t slowed down and can now be found jetting around the world on any given day with DJs or music festivals like Ultra! With a huge social media following on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, his adventures around the world are followed by many!

His Photos have been published by Rolling Stone, Spin, Vanity Fair, Q, MTV, LA Times, Forbes, Elektro, DJ Mag, US Weekly and USA Today just to name a few!

His worldwide client list includes Deadmau5, Calvin Harris, Avicii, Skrillex, Hardwell, Tommy Lee, Steve Aoki, REZZ, Tiesto and many more!

As always, find RUKES photos, his favorite camera equipment and much more on his show notes page at

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In this Episode, You’ll learn

  • How Drew became a DJ photographer
  • What does it take to tour with the best DJs in the world
  • How a typical day for a DJ photographer looks like

Drews’ Favourites

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