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Today’s guest is Justin Sullivan the driving force behind one of my favorite bands New Model Army. Having him on my podcast is a dream come true, and I am so grateful that he sat down with me to do this interview.

The first time when I got to know New Model Army was when they were playing at the Forestglade festival in Austria. I was 15 years old and was fascinated by their music and their performance. Even my parents who picked me up from the concert liked their music and we visited New Model Army shows together in the next upcoming years.

I had seen NMA in concert for more than ten times and this year it happened that we worked together when they were playing a show in Vienna. This event was one of the experiences when you know that all the struggles you go after as a concert photographer are all worth it.

Working together with a band that helped me through the good and the bad times in the last 20 years and then getting the opportunity to work with them is the most rewarding feeling you can get as a music photographer.

In this interview, Justin talks about the successes and struggles in the last 37 years of New Model Army. He gives insights into the life of a professional musician and how to survive in the music business nowadays. It´s an inspirational journey from someone who has a deep understanding of the music scene and a life experience we all can learn from.

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In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • about the challenges and successes of a pro musician
  • what a typical day on tour with NMA looks like
  • what advice Justin would give to his 20-year-old self
  • how to music business changed in the last decade

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Instagram: @newmodelarmy

Twitter: @officialnma

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