The last 2,5 years were an unbelievable journey for me. I had such a blast sitting down with the best music photographers on this planet to learn from them and share their knowledge with the community. 

So far the podcast was downloaded more than 100 000 times and from the feedback, I got from you it seems we were successful motivating and inspiring music photographers around the world to live their passion. 

I wanted to say a personal thank you to everyone who supported this project, listened to my podcast and spread the love with colleagues and friends. I am so grateful for everyone who joined the show as a guest and shared their experiences and life stories. Furthermore, I want to thank my team behind the podcast. Russell who was doing the audio post-production and Monique-Taii for doing the awesome Podcast graphics and helping with the show notes pages. Without you guys, it would have never been possible to reach this milestone today. 

When I sat down with my dear friend Todd Owyoung for episode 99, he came up with the very cool idea that he can interview me for episode 100. 

So, this is going to be a very special interview trying to decoding concept photography for you. We’ll talk about my motivation for starting the project, the best key findings from all of my podcast guest and how Todd and I built a music photography career that enables us to live our dreams. 

As the late Steve Jobs used to say: “There is one more thing” I don’t want to give you the impression HTBARP is dead now. This is far from it.

Although the Podcast project is finished the next vision is already taking shape.

The idea is to write a book about the best and useful tips I learned from the podcast interviews. So far, there is no such book around and I thought it might be a good idea to write one by myself. 

This should be a book for our community, a book for everyone who is interested in music photography and who shares the same love and passion as we do. 

So keep your eyes open for more info soon.

In this Episode, You’ll learn

  • the vision behind the HTBARP project 
  • about the best findings after 100 interviews
  • insights into the world of pro music photographers 
  • why it’s all about our community 

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