2017 was an awesome year for How To Become A Rockstar Photographer. I launched my Podcast, Shooting the Rockstars has helped 300+ students to start living their passion and my online publication “Werkschau” reached 150 000 #htbarp tags on Instagram.

The HTBARP Homepage

Here are some hard facts

  • 269 000 page views
  • 130 000 visitors
  • from 201 countries

I am going to open my HTBARP blog for Guest Posts. This is a huge opportunity for everyone who wants to share his experiences and knowledge with our community.

The HTBARP Podcast

HTBARP Podcast

In May 2017 I launched Episode 0 of my podcast and I couldn´t have dreamed of what this project has become. 36 episodes later and I am interviewing the best music photographers such as Kat Benzova (Tour Photographer of Guns N Roses, AC/DC), Zack Whitford (Tour Photographer of Aerosmith), Mr. Scott Kelby and many more. I committed myself to interview 100 of the coolest music photographers around the world and writing a book about the key findings in this exciting field of photography. So, there is time for another year of interviews.

So far

  • my Podcast got downloaded 37 000+ times,
  • my HTBARP App got downloaded 500+ times,
  • I got 100+ 5* reviews on iTunes.

Recently I started my Patreon campaign where you can get exclusive access to my Podcast by supporting my project. Click here to get more info.

Starting in January 2018 I am also going to add transcripts to upcoming interviews on the show notes page of my guests. (for everyone who prefers to read the interviews).

Shooting the Rockstars

My premium academy Shooting the Rockstars reached 300+ students this year. It´s so great to hear all the success stories of passionate people from all around the world after they finished my online video course. In addition, our closed Facebook Group is a safe place where students can learn from each other and the monthly virtual online meetups help to break into the industry as fast as possible.

Watch what Nici, an alumni-student has to say:

Click here to learn more about Shooting The Rockstars here.

HTBARP Werkschau

The idea of the HTBARP Werkschau (formerly known as Music Photography Magazine) first came to mind when I started to establish my unique hashtag #htbarp on Instagram. I started to ask concert photographers to use the hashtag #htbarp on Instagram to mark their music photography work. After 3 months we collected 24,000+ photos. Currently, there are more than 150 000(!) awesome photos from all around the world.

HTBARP Instagram hashtag

The main part of the HTBARP Werkschau consists of the work of 50 concert photographers from all around the world. Some photographers are getting published for the first time, while others are well-established in this industry. Every photo is unique and reflects the personality of the photographer. It’s not only about getting a technically perfect photo. It’s also about emotions, about conveying the feelings that the photographer experienced when they were standing in front of the stage when these photos were taken. All photos include the exact camera gear and settings as well as the #1 tip on how to start your concert photography career. In addition, every issue features an interview with a famous music photographer.

You can download HTBARP Werkschau #1 and HTBARP Werkschau #2 for free.

HTBARP Werkschau #3 will be out in January.

HTBARP Lanyards

I also launched my own HTBARP Lanyards. It happened to me quite often. I stuck my photo pass sticker onto my T-Shirt and when I reached the entrance of the photo pit, I recognized that I lost it in the crowd. Therefore I decided to produce and sell my own Lanyards (incl. plastic pouch). Click here to get your limited edition Lanyard.

HTBARP Lanyard

My year 2017 in Concert Photos

New Model Army Nikon D700 34mm@f2.8, 1/250sec ISO800
Accept Nikon D700 24mm@f2.8, 1/400sec ISO800
Arcade Fire Nikon D750 14mm@f2.8, 1/250sec ISO800
Asking Alexandria Nikon D700 38mm@f2.8, 1/320sec ISO3200
Fink Nikon D700 112mm@f2.8, 1/320sec ISO6400
Metronomy Fuji X-T2 55mm@f4.0, 1/250sec ISO1600
Foals Fuji X-T2 55mm@f2.8, 1/250sec ISO6400
Paul Weller Nikon D700 125mm@f2.8, 1/250sec ISO1600
Phoenix Fuji X-T2 50mm@f4.0, 1/400sec ISO2000
Portugal.The Man Nikon D700 24mm@f2.8, 1/250sec ISO6400
Sum 41 Nikon D700 38mm@f2.8, 1/640sec ISO3200
The 1975 Nikon D700 112mm@f2.8, 1/400sec ISO2500
Thievery Corporation Nikon D700 24mm@f2.8, 1/400sec ISO1600

What will 2018 bring?

2018 will become even better. Here is a short list of projects I am working on:

  • I am going to interview more of the best music photographers for my Podcast
  • I’ll publish my “Beginners Guide To Concert Photography” as Kindle ebook on Amazon (coming in January)
  • I am working on an Instagram video course for concert photographers where I’ll teach you step-by-step how to use this platform to kickstart your career.  (beginning of February)
  • I’ll open my HTBARP Blog for guest posts. This is a huge opportunity for everyone who wants to share his experiences and knowledge with our community.

Do you want to become a Concert Photographer?
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