No More Frustration With Your Photo Passes

The How To Become A Rockstar Photographer Lanyards are here!

Don´t lose your photo pass anymore

It happened to me quite often. I stuck my photo pass sticker onto my T-Shirt and when I reached the entrance of the photo pit, I recognized that I lost it in the crowd. No good! 

No More Frustration With Missing Lanyards

You know the situation when you get your laminated photo pass, but the promotor has no lanyards left? You can lose it easily and it´s damn tedious to always search for it in your bag in order to enter the photo pit (especially at festivals)

Keep Your Original Photo Pass Sticker (in the extra lanyard pouch)

Almost every concert photographer is proud of her/his photo pass collection and they look best when they´re unused and not peeled of and glued together in your collection box.

HTBARP Lanyard
Anja Concert Photographer

Must have for all concert photographers! I always lose my photo pass sticker in the pit or crowd. It´s much cheaper to order a lanyard with pouch from you than to only order a pouch on ebay! And in addition I can share the #htbarp vibe all over the world. I have been looking for this quite some time!

I used to be that guy paranoid about losing my photo pass, having a lanyard removes any stress and lets you focus on shooting. The photo passes also look much nicer not crumpled up and covered in lint! 

Joshua Concert Photographer

Get your HTBARP Lanyard

  • Limited to 100 pieces only! 
  • Full color printed on smooth polyester material
  • Length: 90cm, Width: 20mm
  • Including a G-clip for secure attachment
  • every order comes with a lanyard pouch A6 (also for bigger photo passes)