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2018: The best year for HTBARP (so far)

2018 was an awesome year for How To Become A Rockstar Photographer and for our community! I would say it was the best year so far, even I haven’t found the time to shoot as many bands as I wanted to. Read on to get the full story. Let’s start with some statements from the […]

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18 Phoenix performing on 21.07.2017 at the Out Of The Woods Festival in Wiesen. Austria

Phoenix – Live In Concert

One of my favorite bands, Phoenix were playing at the Out Of The Woods Festival, Austria. I took the opportunity to test the new mirrorless Fuji X-T2 and its capabilities for concert photography.

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2016! What a year!

What a year! 2016 changed my life in different ways. I became a father, an entrepreneur, a mentor and a better person. Let´s jump right in to my best of 2016 article.

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music photography editing tips

Music Photography Editing Tips

When we consider photo editing, most of us think about the myriad of tools and techniques afforded to us by Photoshop and Lightroom, or the hundreds of effects, plugins, and pre-sets we could use. However in this article I am going to talk about music photography editing tips already at the concert. More often than […]

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8 concert photography 50mm 1.8

Concert Photography 50mm 1.8 lens

Ask many professional concert photographers and they’ll tell you they started out with the Nifty Fifty or Plastic Fantastic lens.  These names refer to the 50mm 1.8 lens, a cheap and great lens to start your concert photography career.

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