Building your Concert Photography Online Portfolio

Portfolio Thursday

Setting up an online portfolio showing your concert photos is crucial if you want to become a music photographer and get photo passes.

However, almost everyone is struggling with the technical challenges setting up an online portfolio. You’ll need a hosting company and get your own domain, install WordPress and find a suitable WordPress theme. Once you set everything up you might encounter problems with the compatibility of plugins you’ll need to use in WordPress. After some days, you don´t even have fun setting up your online portfolio anymore. I have been there when I started years ago, but it still frustrates me, because I am not a developer and I have no coding skills. If you find yourself in this situations than his article is for you.

Why You Shouldn´t Use Social Media For Your Online Portfolio

social-media Logos online portfolio

Due to the challenges setting up a homepage people use social media sites such as Facebook Fan pages, Instagram. Twitter and so on instead. This might be the easiest way to show your work when you’re just starting out. But there’s a big downside to this. You don´t have any control over these sites. Facebook might change their policies and you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for your fan page or, even worse, they just delete your profile. Instagram or Flickr might change the user agreement and sell your photos without your knowledge. Therefore, the best option is to set up a dedicated online portfolio page. This also looks more professional than sending a music manager to your social media sites.

Your Online Portfolio Solution: Format

Since a lot of HTBARP followers didn´t know how to show their concert photos online I was searching for an easy solution to this problem. 

My requirements were the following:

  • easy to set up
  • no technical skills needed
  • a great support team (that can help in minutes)
  • affordable (actually I was searching for the cheapest option)

Searching through Google I found a Portfolio Website Builder called Format. (Format was recently voted the #1 online portfolio website builder in a survey of 800+ creatives)

Format Ranking Online Portfolio Builder

Read what concert photographers from the HTBARP community are saying about Format.

“Thanks for the tip of format! I haven’t ever done a website and this one was working within a few hours!” – Ben

 “After being prodded by family and friends to build a website, I did a fair bit of research and finally chose Format. I’ve never been disappointed in my choice! I LOVE it! Very easy to use” – Rich

“Tried Format and Squarespace free trials, I just felt format had the look I was going for more than the other. Super easy to use, and the tech help/live chat is great if you’re stuck with anything! – Robert

“….as a die-hard WordPress user I gotta say, Format makes things waaaay easier.” – Maria

How To Build Your Online Portfolio

With Format you can build your online Portfolio within minutes. In addition, you can proof, manage, and deliver client work directly from your site and even sell your photos through their store platform.

I teamed up with these guys and in this short video I want to show you how to build your online concert photography portfolio in minutes:

IMPORTANT: Make sure to join Format using my special link, which gives you 1 month for free. You can test drive the software and decide afterward if you like it. If yes, just upgrade otherwise your account will become inactive (no credit card required.

My 30 days free special link for you: 

Format Pricing

If you decide to upgrade within your free 30 days trial, you can choose from different plans.

PersonalProPro PlusUnlimited
$6/month annually or $7.99 month-to-month$12/month annually or $14.99 month-to-month$24/month annually or $28.99 month-to-month$44/month annually or $49.99 month-to-month
100 images1000 images10 000 imagesunlimited images
3 Store Products15 Store Products50 Store Productsunlimited Store Products
Unlimited PagesUnlimited PagesUnlimited PagesUnlimited Pages
Unlimited VideosUnlimited VideosUnlimited VideosUnlimited Videos
Client ProofingClient ProofingClient ProofingClient Proofing
Custom HTML &
CSS Editing
Custom HTML &
CSS Editing
Custom HTML &
CSS Editing

I would recommend getting either the Personal or Pro Plan, depending on how many photos you want to upload. If you use Format as your online portfolio page only, get the Personal plan. If you also set up your blog and want to post concert reviews, the Pro plan is the better option.

My 30 days free special link for you: 

Join my Online Portfolio Challenge

Join my online portfolio Challenge and win 3x 1 year Pro plans of Format (worth $540!).

Here is how it works

  1. Click the link and sign up for a 30 days free trial (no credit card required, after 30 days your account will be deactivated unless you upgrade. There will be 100% no costs).
  2. Choose 20 of your best concert photos
  3. Build your online Portfolio using Format (it doesn’t matter which theme you’re using)
  4. Post the link (URL) to your online Portfolio in the comments below

Deadline: Thursday, March 8th, 2018

I’ll randomly select the winners on March 9th.

Listen to my Podcast with Luke Curtis on how to build a Portfolio here.