2018 was an awesome year for How To Become A Rockstar Photographer and for our community! I would say it was the best year so far, even I haven’t found the time to shoot as many bands as I wanted to. Read on to get the full story.

Let’s start with some statements from the community which make me really proud.

“You have shown me the way…and for that, I am truly grateful!!” – Emma

“A really huge thank you, Matthias! I wouldn’t be where I am now as a photographer without you. Keep up the great work.” – Pasi

“You rock Matthias – thank you for all your help, guidance & support — very much appreciated!!” – Nick

“I’m an aspiring concert photographer, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with concert photography. You’re a massive inspiration to me and I’ve been watching all your content!” – Brittany

Personal Development

I started How To Become A Rockstar Photographer 4,5 years ago. The main idea was to write about my experiences as an aspiring music photographer and share my findings with like-minded people. If you would have told me, that I am going to build a worldwide community of awesome and passionate people, I would have called you a dreamer. And yet, today, this is exactly what happened. I am living my DREAM! Not only do I do the things that I love, taking photos of my favorite bands, but I also have built a brand and HTBARP became the business that allows me to work from home and spend a lot of time with my daughter.

When my daughter was born, I knew that I want to be with her every day and be an inspirational dad. This decision also meant that I needed to take a step back from my career as a touring photographer and focus on shows in Vienna, Austria. What I found is that my values shifted to my family as well. Do I rather want to bring my daughter to bed or do I want to be in a murky club instead? Don’t get me wrong, I still love concert photography and I’ll try my best to go to more concerts in 2019. I just wanted to comment on the fact, that you might have seen fewer photos from me in the last couple of months and the fact that we’re getting our second baby in a couple of days makes it even more challenging.

I also started to meditate, established a daily morning routine (Tabata workout, Yoga, Journaling,..) and took more time for my self-development to become a better version of myself every day.

However, without doubt 2018 was the BEST year for me (so far) and I want to give you a short summary of what happened in the HTBARP world.


In each episode of the HTBARP Podcast, you’ll get access all areas to the most influential music photographers of our time where they’ll share their secrets, successes and crazy stories from their Rockstar life. We reached 75 episodes and 75 000+ listeners. I had the honor to talk to legends such as Neil Preston, Bob Gruen, Chester Simpson, David Bergman, Christie Goodwin, Robert M Knight, Adam Elmakias and many more.  Click here to listen to all the interviews. There are only 25 to go until I reach Nr. 100, which will be the last episode (for more info what’s coming next -> read Outlook for 2019 below)

HTBARP Podcast


We reached 192 00(!) photos tagged with #htbarp on Instagram. This is just unbelievable and I am grateful for every one of you who is using the #htbarp hashtag to generate the coolest concert photography gallery on Instagram. Simply add #htbarp to your concert photos and get the chance to get published in my HTBARP Werkschau.

You can directly download

  1. Issue #1,
  2. Issue #2,
  3. Issue #3 by clicking on the links.

IG hashtag htbarp

We also started an htbarp IG account where we share the highlights from the #htbarp gallery.


I offer now 3 video courses: The Beginners Guide To Concert Photography, my premium academy Shooting The Rockstars, and Rock Instagram. With 800+ students worldwide it exceeded my biggest dreams. I always wanted to help and inspire people and online courses are the best way I can think of getting my knowledge delivered to you. Thanks for everyone who joined one of my courses and made a step up in their game.

Shooting The Rockstars Access All Areas


I published my first Amazon book (Kindle + paperback) and it went straight to Nr.1 in the “Digital Photography” section. Get it here.

umber 1 Free Kindle Ebook List


I started to do free 10min coaching sessions where I try to help you as much as possible solving your biggest challenge as a concert photographer. I got great feedback and therefore I want to extend my offer. Every Wednesday I’ll block 1 hour (for max. 4 slots) where I will answer your questions. Please click here to sign up for a date that fits best for you. This service is 100% free. I love to connect with you on a personal basis and I guess these 10min coachings are a great way to do this.



As you might know, I did an extensive earplugs test last year and I got a great deal with one of my favorite brands “Eargasm”. Click here to read my complete review and get -10% off.


I believe that every concert photographer should have a great online portfolio. However, my biggest frustration was that I was a photographer and I didn’t want to deal with all these technical issues. If you’re not a developer, things can get tricky, even when you just want to upload some photos on a WordPresspage. Therefore I reached out to the guys from format.com, a service that lets you build your online portfolio page within minutes. Read my review and watch my step-by-step video tutorials on how to build your portfolio here. If you sign up from my page, you’ll get a 30 days free trial.


I had the great opportunity to launch my Beginners Guide to Concert Photography on a Chinese platform that is specialized to promote my course on Wechat (1 billion active users/month)! This is a huge chance for me to enter the Chinese market. Let’s see if there are some Chinese music photographers around.


I had the honor of working with The Prodigy for the 3rd time. This time I did a 2 minutes backstage portrait shooting (thanks to Nici Eberl Photography for your assistance). They liked the phtoos and took the one of Liam Howlett (middle) for their new promo shot. Weeks later their new Album “no Tourist” reached Nr.1 in the UK Dance Charts.

The Prodigy Pressphoto 2018


2019 is already going to be a crazy year.

HTBARP Podcast Book

I’ll finishe my Podcast project when reahing 100 episodes and I am going to start writing soon. My main vision with the Podcast was to learn and get inspired by the best music photographers on this planet and finally publish a handbook with the best tips and tricks on how to suceed in this business. This concept is not new (see Napoleon Hill, Tim Ferriss or Tony Robins to name a few), but it has never been done in the music photography world. I’ll try to get a publisher and I promise to get the book out in 2019. So, this puts a lot of pressure on me now ;).

Community Building/Online Business

Since I get a lot of questions on how I built my online business, I’ll start teaching community building and online marketing soon. I have already an idea to start a new business (maybe an agency) and I got some invitations from universites to speak about my experiences in this field.

Learning Chinese

And the 3rd big goal for 2019 is to learn Chinese (Mandarin) since my 2,5 years old daughter already outperforms me in speaking.

I wish you all a successfull 2019 and ROCK ON


30 Seconds to Mars
Angus&Julia Stone
Che Sudaka
Fever Ray
Fever Ray
Nada Surf
No Fun At All
Scott Matthew
Seaick Steve
teaming Satellites
The Prodigy




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