What’s your name?

Jenn Devereaux 

Where are you based?

Hattiesburg, MS // New Orleans, LA

What’s your favorite camera for concert photography?

I love my Nikon D810 but I also use my D700 just as much. Even though it’s an older model, there is something about the colors on the D700 that just pop.

What’s your our favorite lens for concert photography?

Nikon 70-200 f/2.8 VR ii

Foo Fighters 78mm@f/2.8, 1/60, ISO 160
What’s your number 1 record of all time?

Eight Arms to Hold You by Veruca Salt

If you could have dinner with one person from music history, alive or dead, who would it be? Why?

I would love to have dinner with Shirley Manson of Garbage. I personally feel that she is one of the most influential people in rock music. I love reading interviews with her because she is such an empowering woman and intellectual with great commentary on current events.

What band is still on your bucket list to take photos of?

My Chemical Romance

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift 400mm@f/2.8, 1/640, ISO 2000
What’s your top 3 “Don’ts” of music photography?

1.Don’t hold your camera above your head in the photo pit. If you absolutely have to, make sure you are behind all of the other photographers and only hold your camera up for  a few seconds so you aren’t blocking the view for fans

2.Don’t break the rules. If you are only allowed to shoot the first 3 songs, don’t keep shooting as you are walking out of the pit on the 4th song.

3.Don’t be rude to publicists. As photographers, we are not entitled or guaranteed anything. If you are denied a photo pass, be polite and say “Thank you for your time.”

Janes Addiction
Janes Addiction 102mm@f/2.8, 1/800, ISO 1600
What’s the No.1 Tip you wished you had known when starting out as a music photographer?
Send out resumes often and don’t be afraid to reach out to people you don’t know in the industry. As long as you are polite and professional, most people will either answer your questions or point you in the right direction. If someone helps you out, make sure to pay it forward. The industry is competitive but there is room for all of us!
Janelle Monae
Janelle Monae 130mm@f/2.8, 1/800, ISO 125
What was the coolest story you experienced as a music photographer? 

The absolute coolest thing that has ever happened to me as a music photographer was being asked to speak on a panel about music photography for Nikon in Las Vegas. I will forever be grateful for that experience.

Why are you a music photographer?

I am a music photographer because I love music so much that I wanted to be able to capture my love for it in some form. I was never really good at any musical instruments but I always had a knack for photography from a young age with film cameras. I didn’t think about combining my two passions until I started reading music magazines like Rolling Stone, Spin and Alternative Press in high school.

John 5
John 5 50mm@f/1.8, 1/640, ISO 800
What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to be a  photographer for iHeartRadio Festival, The Grammys, Billboard Music Awards, MTV Music Awards, etc.

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