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The Music Photography Logo

If you plan to shoot concerts and rockstars for anything other than your own enjoyment, you need to be thinking about how you will show your work and take it to the next level. Therefore a music photographer logo is a must have if you want to stand out.

  • Perhaps you plan to write a series of e-books, or self-publish printed portfolio.
  • Perhaps you plan to launch a website and put your portfolio online.
  • Perhaps you will write a blog to describe your adventures in concert photography.

By following my work at “How To Be A Rockstar Photographer” you can see how I have grown my business to expand into all of these areas and I have more things planned in the process of development.

No matter what your end goals for your concert photography career are now, think about how you want to present yourself. You are going to need a memorable name for your site, book, business or blog, and a visual representation of your identity that unmistakably communicates what YOU are all about.

Music Photographer Logo

You will notice that my color scheme is yellow and black and that my logo is a hand grasping a camera with an unmistakable gesture that represents my love of rock music.

This is now on my site as my logo, on my free stickers, my T-Shirts, on my lanyards and on my online magazine that identify me and my brand. How to Become a Rockstar Photographer as a name and now my hashtag #HTBARP are other forms of my identity.

How are you showing your work?

What are the principles of developing a good logo that will identify you?

  • Simplicity
  • Limited colors
  • Instantly identifiable
  • Unique

Logos by their very nature must be simple. There is no space for complex shapes, tiny details, or fine print. Think of the Nike swoosh, or the Netflix N. Simple, clean, elegant.

Many logos are a single color, or at most, two colors for symbol and background. This originally came from the cost factor for printing that increased with every color used, but for online usage, it is still a valid design principle.
If you see my logo, you immediately think of Matthias Hombauer and HTBARP and that is by design. It sets me apart and helps me stand out from the competition. It is undeniably my identity that is represented here and no one else’s.

If you search for other concert photography sites online, and look at logos and brands that may be present, you will not see any others that look like mine. It has to be unique, even if someone wants to be a copycat, they cannot impinge on my logo and my brand.

So think about these principles as you come up with your own logo, but don’t delay, get a solid concept of your own unique brand and check with the trademark authorities in your country to make certain you are not unintentionally using someone else’s registered logo design.

Try sketching out ideas and if you can use Photoshop or Illustrator to solidify your design or if you barter with a design student to make your logo, or if you have the means to pay a graphic designer, take this step, DO IT NOW and start your unique brand as a music photographer with it.

Do you have already a Logo? Let me know and post your logo in the comments below.

You want to become a Concert Photographer?
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