Rock T Shirts

Today I’m excited to let you know that my Concert Photography Rock T Shirts are finally available!

After the huge success of my Keyrings and the demand by lots of you on social media for me to produce Rock T Shirts, I’m proud to present to you my designs for both women and men today.

Considering our How To Become A Rockstar Photographer community consists of passionate concert photographers all around the world, I had to figure out some important issues first. If you’re in the US and I ship my Rock T Shirts from Europe, you´d be faced with high costs, long shipping times and additional tax payments. A T-Shirt would cost about $60, which I think is far too expensive. The same situation holds true for all of you in Europe if you’d have to get my Rock T Shirts shipped from the US.

Therefore, I decided to offer my Rock T Shirts in both the US and Europe. I’ve set up two shops, which conveniently lets you choose the best option for you. If you live outside the USA or Europe, please try both shops to see which shipping option works best for you.

The American apparel T-Shirts are of great quality and are available for both women and men, with sizes S-3XL.

Get yours here:

Click here to enter the US Shop

Click here to enter the European Shop

Once you’ve clicked your Rock T Shirts of choice, you´ll find additional info about the exact sizes of the T-Shirts in the “Sizes” tab. Please make sure to choose the right size in order to get the best fit for you.

Fredrik Larzon, Millencolin
Tim (Fink)
Tim Thornton, Fink
Gustav Burn, Atlas Losing Grip
Amanda, Concert Photographer, UK
Pasi, Concert Photographer, Finland
Phillip, Concert Photographer USA
Richard Bolwell, Concert Photographer, UK
Dominik, Concert Photographer, Austria
Toyin Oshodi, Concert Photographer, UK
Salvatore Strelock Lio, Music Photographer
Salvatore, Concert Photographer, Italy

I would also love to see you in action wearing my T-Shirt! So send me your photos of you working in the pit, in the garden, on your bike,.. or wherever else you want to let people know you’re a Rockstar Photographer!

Thank you so much for your great support and let me know if you have any questions.

Rock on,


Click here to enter the US Shop

Click here to enter the European Shop

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