What’s your name?

Deb Kloeden

Where are you based?

Australia – Adelaide & Melbourne

What’s your favorite camera for concert photography?

Canon 5D MkII

Tash Sultana, 200mm@f2.8, 1_400, ISO 200
Tash Sultana, 200mm@f2.8, 1_400, ISO 200
What’s your our favorite lens for concert photography?

Canon EF 70-200 f/2.8

What’s your number 1 record of all time?

Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon. It still seems ageless and it’s complexities still impress. The first time I heard it was on an early quadraphonic hifi system in a student flat in Christchurch, New Zealand. I nearly wore it out.

If you could have dinner with one person from music history, alive or dead, who would it be?

John Lennon. I was so inspired by his music, his passion for peace in the world and his brilliant way with words. I think John is going to be busy with dinner dates when we all reach the restaurant in the sky.

What band is still on your bucket list to take photos of?

Pink Floyd, but that’s probably not going to happen … so The Rolling Stones. They are such an iconic band and provided much of the sound track to my youth.

Felix - The Cat Empire, 110mm@f2.8, 1_500, ISO 3200 (1)
Felix – The Cat Empire, 110mm@f2.8, 1_500, ISO 3200 (1)
What’s your top 3 “Don’ts” of music photography?
  • Don’t shoot in jpg
  • Don’t forget to back up your photo files
  • Don’t be afraid to shoot into the lights. You can snap some cool lens flares with the right settings
Shapeshifter - Bay Dreams Festival finale, 24mm@f2.8, 1_100, ISO 6400
Shapeshifter 24mm@f2.8, 1_100, ISO 6400
What’s the No.1 Tip you wished you had known when starting out as a music photographer?
Take your camera to every gig, whichever one you can smuggle in, so you can start building a portfolio.
Yothu Yindi, 100mm@f2.8, 1_250, ISO 6400
Yothu Yindi, 100mm@f2.8, 1_250, ISO 6400
What was the coolest story you experienced as a music photographer? 

One day when I was shooting the Byron Bay Bluesfest this year, I saw Jack Johnson hanging out, outside the media tent. I raced to the entrance of the tent and stood there smiling at him (we had been asked not to approach the artists so I didn’t). He saw me, came across with hand outstretched to shake mine and said ‘Hi, I’m Jack’. I call him ‘my mate Jack’ now.

Why are you a music photographer?

I love music and photography. I love the excitement of shooting live shows and being so close to the artists I admire. I really enjoy the editing process and seeing what I’ve captured after a show. I enjoy the challenge of always trying to improve. When I don’t have any gigs to shoot, I get withdrawals.

Melody Angel, 115mm@f2.8, 1_250, ISO 6400
Melody Angel, 115mm@f2.8, 1_250, ISO 6400
What is your biggest dream?

To have a giant poster (or digital image) of one of my photos displayed in an iconic public place

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