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Why would you photograph instruments at a concert?

This is a good question. You’re at a concert to photograph the artist or band, not to take pretty photos of guitars, drums and microphones. However, photography of musical instruments can be of benefit if you do a good job and share it on social media sites. Manufacturers of instruments often don’t get much recognition on social media unless they are endorsing a particular individual or band, so if you take a great shot of just their product by itself and share it, they do tend to notice.

This could, in theory, lead to them liking or following your work and further down the line they may get in contact to hire you for product photography. Not to mention that they often have thousands or millions of followers and likes and you never know who might see your work being shared.

If you have enough time to take some photos before a concert, then why not? It takes very little effort on your part and could result in a like or a commission, you just never know until you try.

What other bonuses are there to photographing instruments?

Another side benefit is some band members might see you doing this and come over to ask what you are doing. If you explain what you are up to and tell them you will tag their band in them, they usually get excited that this could bring more attention to them – assuming they are fairly unknown. It also shows you are capable of thinking outside the box and going above and beyond your job role, which – if they are a good band – they should recognise and value.

What is the benefit of this? They may ask you to do their next promotional shoot, if you can demonstrate you can take not only live photographs but also great portraits.

Pros of shooting instruments

  • Possible recognition and future work from manufacturers
  • Exposure to the manufacturer’s fan base if the correct social media tags are used
  • Showing your target audience that you can ‘think outside the box’ and go above and beyond as a concert photographer
  • More diverse images than the standard ‘concert photography’ pictures resulting in a more interesting portfolio

You want to become a Concert Photographer?
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