Is it possible to have a music photography career?

Absolutely! You see the results everywhere. There are photographers who capture images for rockstars to use on their websites, social media, album covers, and merchandise. They also shoot for publication in print for magazines, books, concert posters, concert flyers, concert booklets, and billboards.

How exciting is to think that your concert photo could be seen in any of these places? Well someone is making all those photos and it could be you!

Can I really expect to achieve this goal?

If one does not even dream it, then one cannot get it. If you work with all the energy and creativity and perseverance that you are capable of, then you can make progress and get closer and closer to your goal.

Think of it this way….

Someone has to do it, why not You? If someone is doing it (and you see proof of that all around you), then why not you? Someone is making all those creative and powerful photos of their rockstar favorites, so why not you? Someone has had the dream of being a musician and they dreamed of playing in all the world’s arenas and top venues, and they achieved that goal, since they are now your favorite musicians! So why not you striving to your goal as a Rockstar Photographer?

Working your way to the top

Someone has to be the top of every field, but there is a wide range of positions leading to the top, and the one who is the top is not always going to hold that position! It works this way in sports, in entertainment, in academia, in politics, in management, in every career that exists. In each of these areas, there are people on the way to the top who are working hard every day and dreaming every night of getting to their goal. They practice, they put time and money and effort into steps that move them along the pathway to their goal. They ask for critique, they collaborate with others who can help them, they learn more every day, and they move inexorably closer toward their goal.

Practise makes perfect

Take musicians….they may have been a child prodigy, or maybe they struggled to learn every chord and note. They may have had the advantage of going to top schools or being trained by professionals, or they may be self-taught through trial and error. They may have had networks of great contacts that opened doors for them, or they may have scratched and clawed and struggled for every break they got, but they never gave up. They kept the dream alive by making progress every day toward their goal. That can be you my friend, as a concert photographer, and it will be possible if you keep on striving.

Start small, think big

For every musician that plays in 30,000 seat arenas or that shows up on the list of performers at every top festival, there are the musicians who have a gig at a local bar or college or regional venue. They need concert photographers just as much as or even more than the top performers do, don’t they? Those musicians need you to focus on them and feature them on social media and in local publications, and to advance their careers and give them visibility, don’t they? Just like you need visibility and publications with your photos in them, you can work with local musicians on the way up. Learn more about the gear for concert photography starters here.

All along the way, there is this long continuum of musicians who are on the way to their dream, just as you are on the way to your dream career as a rockstar photographer. You can move along that continuum with your hard work and perseverance just like your local musicians are moving up, too.

What can I do to make progress toward my goal?

You have the advantage of the best online instruction and resources right here at ‘How To Become a Rockstar Photographer’. You see the best examples of the results that are possible. You have insider information on how to work towards these goals and how get this kind of access to concert venues, and how to take successful photos of your favorite musicians.

Shooting The Rockstars Access All Areas

My Shooting The Rockstars online academy teaches you steps-by-step how to become a rockstar photographer. You too can become a rockstar photographer and jump from zero to hero in just 5 weeks. Find out more here. (Currently my course is closed, but you can sign up for joining the waiting list)

Start where you are and practice and put your best work out there, and build up your reputation, and improve your craft and then improve your gear over time. Keep finding more venues in which to take photos of musicians and keep networking to find ways of making money from your best images. Use the #HTBARP hashtag and put your images out in the world to speak for your talents and abilities and make your name one of those that are moving up the ladder to the spot you want to occupy in your field of music photography. It is within your reach!

You want to become a Concert Photographer?
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