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The first issue of my HTBARP music photography magazine is out. Grab your free online magazine and learn from the best concert photographers worldwide here!

The HTBARP Music Photography Magazine #1

Grab your free copy of my HTBARP Music Photography Magazine here

What started as a little idea finally became reality. I always had the dream of publishing my own magazine, but I had no clue how to achieve this goal.

In April 2014 I wrote my first article about how to start out as concert photographer and when I published it on my blog, I never could have dreamed of what happened next. 2 years later, and I have built a world-wide community of passionate concert photographers and helped them to live their passion! More than 5,000 newsletter subscribers and your positive feedback I receive every day show me that my work is important and my help is needed. And I want to thank you all for this, because you’re the reason for all this success.

The idea of the HTBARP Music Photography Magazine first came to mind when I started to establish my unique hashtag #htbarp on Instagram.

Why Instagram? In my opinion Instagram is the most important platform for concert photographers at the moment. It’s easy to upload photos and get people to see and like them. Almost all bands have an active Instagram account which makes it a great opportunity to get in contact with them as well, and it’s simply an incredible tool to share your work with like-minded people. That’s why I started to ask concert photographers to use the hashtag #htbarp on Instagram to mark their music photography work. After 3 months we collected 24,000+ (!) awesome concert photos in this gallery. It was unbelievable!

Music Photography Magazine 2

Grab your free copy of my HTBARP Music Photography Magazine here

So I thought, how cool would it be to give people the chance to get their work published and receive worldwide attention? The idea of the HTBARP Music Photography Magazine was born. I began to curate this Instagram gallery and chose 55 concert photographers to be published in the first issue of my HTBARP Music Photography Magazine.

We know how challenging it can be to make a career out of concert photography and therefore I want to help you with this first step.

The HTBARP Music Photography Magazine #1 features an interview with the incredible New York-based music photographer Dana Distortion who reveals some great insights that we can all learn from.

The main part of the HTBARP Music Photography Magazine consists of the work of 55 concert photographers from all around the world. Some photographers are getting published for the first time, while others are well-established in this industry. Every photo is unique and reflects the personality of the photographer. It’s not only about getting a technically perfect photo. It’s also about emotions, about conveying the feelings that the photographer experienced when they were standing in front of the stage when these photos were taken. In addition all photos include the exact camera gear and settings as well as the #1 tip on how to start your concert photography career.

I am happy to present you a selection of awesome concert photos from all around the world from the smallest clubs to the biggest festival stages.

HTBARP Music Photography Magazine 3

I want to get published with my photo in the HTBARP Music Photography magazine. What do I have to do?

– Tag your concert photos on Instagram with #htbarp (you can also tag your old photos)
– I´ll curate the Instagram gallery and choose new photographers for HTBARP #2 soon (beginning of 2017)

Grab your free copy of my HTBARP Music Photography Magazine here

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