Shooting The Rockstars 2018 – How To Become A Rockstar Photographer
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Live Your Passion

You get an enormous amount of satisfaction and fulfilment of combining music and photography? Being up close and personal with your lifelong idols would be a dream come true? Then this is for you. 

Get Better Concert Photos

Learn everything about  aperture, shutter speed and ISO, what tools you need and which camera settings work best in an easy to follow step-by.step way. (even without photography training!).

Get Press Accreditations

Do you want to shoot your favourite bands, but you struggle to get photo passes? I'll show you my proven strategies on how to get access to the big concerts. (even without the most expensive equipment).

Work With Bands

Working with bands is the most rewarding way, but It's also the most challenging approach. I'll teach you how I was able to became friends with some of my idols and how I was  touring with them around the world. 

Learn Marketing

Taking only great photos is not enough to become a successful music photographer nowadays. You'll need to understand how to promote yourself and your work, online and offline. I'll show you how. 

Learn The Business

The business side of music photography is where everyone is struggling. Contracts, Pricing and copyright issues can make your life a hard one. We'll discuss how you can survive and succeed in this industry  

Nici Eberl, UK

When I moved to London I realised that Music Photography is what I really want to do. I kept watching the photographers in the photo pit and dreamed of being one of them, but never ever would I have thought that I´m really going to end up being there. My biggest weakness was my insecurity. I never felt good enough and was too shy to present my work. After completing Matthias' training I became the house photographer of the O2 Forum, got published in Kerrang! and the O2 Magazine and had over 300 bands in front of my lens.

The main problem i was facing was the business side of concert photography. I was photographing shows, but what next? What do I do with my photos? Who do I contact to gain access to bigger shows? As a result of this training, I will be going on tour with a band to shoot their new album launch & tour. The course gave me the confidence to sell myself and come over as a professional photographer.

Richard Bolwell, UK


Module 1 - Beginners

  • You need the most expensive equipment to become a concert photographer, right? WRONG! Plus 4 other myths debunked to get you started.
  • My toolkit to get your mind ready. Including 7 proven "mind-hacks" that will help you start your project, stay committed and deliver the best work you can.
  • Why you need to know about aperture, shutter speed and ISO and how to use them to get awesome photos.
  • Overwhelmed with all the camera equipment options? No problem, I´ll teach you which camera and lens you should get first...even if you´re in a tight budget.
  • The easy-to-follow-roadmap to shoot your first successful concert. And the must-have tips to make this event an enjoyable one.
  • My 10 proven camera settings for starters that gets you better photos than 99% of all other guys with a camera in the audience.
  • The step-by-step blueprint when, why, where and what to do during your first concert.
  • The exact process to build your portfolio (incl. set up your own homepage) and the 3 mistakes why most concert photographers fail at it.

Module 2 - Advanced

  • My step-by-step guide on how to get a photo pass/press accreditation which gets you access to the Rockstars, including the exact email template I use to get in contact with magazines and bands. And it works!
  • 16 tips on how to master the coolest spot in the the venue: the photo pit. In addition, I´ll give you my advice on shooting from the crowd, seated venues and the soundboard
  • Always wanted to know exactly what Canon or Nikon gear the pros use? I´ll give you the answer and explain why 90% of all photographers are using them. 
  • The 10 camera settings that helped me to build my career as a concert photographer...and easy explanations why.
  • Struggling with blurry and out-of-focus concert photos? I´ll teach you my advanced autofocus technique which helped my students to get tack sharp photos...even in ultra low light situations
  • The truth about getting awesome concert photos not only of the lead singer, but also of the guitarist, bass player and drummer.
  • My 10 favourite tips on composition and framing to make your concert photos stand out...average photos are for losers.
  • Are you tired of sitting for hours in front of your computer, post-processing your photos? I´ll teach you my exact step-by-step protocol (Lightroom)´ll love it!

Module 3 - Shooting For Bands

  • Always wanted to have access to your idols? The truth about the Access All Area Pass and the 4 steps to easily get one.
  • Your dream is to get backstage and take photos of the band in this intimate place? No problem, I´ll show you the pitfalls and I´ll teach you the basic when shooting band portraits.
  • 99% of concert photographers will never make it on-stage. My proven 8 survival tips when shooting on-stage, including a case study when I was working with Fatboy Slim in front of 50 000 people. 
  • The 'Hands-On-Experience' Technique: A little know secret that will skyrocket your 'YES, we want to work with you' email responses from managers/bands.
  • You need to be the best photographer to go on tour? Wrong! I´ll talk about my experiences as tour photographer and the best ways to prepare for it.
  • Is it really possible to become friends with your favourite bands? The is answer is yes, and I'll show you my 3 success factors that helped me to establish my name within the music industry.

Module 4 - Marketing

  • There are millions of concert photographers worldwide struggling to get noticed. You need to know how to get your work seen and in this is exactly what I´ll teach you in this lesson
  • Facebook? Twitter? Pinterest? Linkedin? Instagram? Flickr? Tumblr? 500px? Behance? Google+? I´ll show you which social media channels really work...the good news: you´ll need only 3!
  • My 8 proven Facebook Marketing Tips and how I generated 700 likes, a publication offer and a "great shot" from a photography leader with 1 concert photo overnight. 
  • 4 must-have automation tools that will save you hours in front of your computer...and the best thing about them: they're free!

Module 5 - Business

  • How to never give away your photos for free, but still build your name as a professional music photographer and get respect from musicians.
  • Most famous bands make you sign a contract before you can take photos. I´ll teach you about music contracts and how to read them, which ones you can sign and which ones you MUST avoid. 
  • What strategies really work when you you want to make money as music photographer? I tested them all and I´ll show you which ones work best and why.
  • Afraid of becoming a freelance music photographer? My 5 pro tips on how I built my business and how you can too.


Martin Bone, UK

My main challenge was getting press accreditation and working for magazines in order to get access to bigger shows. After completing the course, I became a staff photographer foran online magazine, I have been successful in applying for press passes for festivals and since I got to understand the business/marketing side I gained a lot of new followers of my work and I connected to like minded people in the industry.

As I am currently a highschool student that got really sick of being forced to do stuff I don‘t enjoy, I was searching for some photo courses that would help me to improve my skills. After going through the training I only feel more convinced that this is my 'dream job'. I am now a staff photographer for a radio station. By becoming that, I managed to get my first photo pass for the upcoming Queen + Adam Lambert concert and  some other festivals. 

Daria Tuca, Romania


BONUS 1: Secret Facebook Rockstar Community

Rockstar Group

Since concert photography has become very popular during the last few years, you’ll find a lot of dedicated groups on Facebook. Search for ‘concert photography’ and you’ll find them. The problem is that there are so called “experts” in these groups who are bashing other people. It happened to myself as well as to a lot of colleagues who left these groups again. In my opinion, these ‘haters’ are just frustrated losers who envy others that are more successful. And what’s the result? Your questions are getting bashed publicly by a bunch of idiots, you’re ashamed and you’re scared to ask any more. Therefore, I built my own secret group including students and also my Podcast guests. You can learn form the best.

I have to say that joining the exclusive Facebook community have truly inspired me to move my 'hobby' to the next level. With the help of this community I even started my own online music magazine 'Rock At Night'. I truly am grateful! THANK YOU' 

Chyrisse Tarbone

Chyrisse Tarbone, USA

I have been accepted as a member of this group for only two days now, I am LOVING it. The people here are friendly, enormously talented, full of wonderful knowledge and are happy to share their experiences, photos and answer any questions.

Mark Morey

Mark Moray, Australia

BONUS 2: Lightroom Presets Bundle: Color + Black&White

Lightroom Presets Color Shooting The Rockstars
Lightroom Presets BlackWhite_Shooting The Rockstars

The complete Rockstar Lightroom preset bundle: 5x Color and 5x Black&White Lightroom Presets for making your RAW files rock with one click! These are exactly the same presets I use for my concert photos all the time.

I`ve been using these presets now for a little while and they are simple outstanding. Not only have they helped me to speed up my post processing workflow, but they'll help you turn you photos into awesome concert shots!'

Matt Allan

Matt Allan, Australia

I tested Matthias B&W LR presets on multiple red, green and blue overcasted images. Final results was awesome and needed no extra slider tweaking. I can totally recommend the Lightroom presets!

Anja Ivanovic

Anja Ivanovic, Slovakia

BONUS 3: Masterclass Video with Steve Brazill

This is a 90min Q&A masterclass where LA based music photographer Steve Brazill and I are answering burning questions from the concert photography community. A must watch for everyone who wants to get the Killer tips the pros use. 

BONUS 4: Guide To Rockstar Concert Photography Ebook

The Guide to Rockstar Concert Photography book is a PDF format Ebook (instant download) that can be viewed on any tablet, smartphone or computer. 170 pages including 100 of my favourite concert photos with the exact camera settings. This ebook is a great companion to my video course. 

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a concert photographer, yet have never really known how to properly go about it, the recently released Guide To Rockstar Concert Photography, by acclaimed photographer, Matthias Hombauer, is exactly what you need. At 170 pages, this how-to-guide is short, sweet, and to the point.

National Rock Review

BONUS 5: Implementation Videos for all 5 Modules

In these videos I'll sit down with my students and answered every question about concert photography that you can think of. It serves as an additional resource to the course material and this videos will help you to dive deep into the secrets of pro concert photographers. 

BONUS 6: Monthly Virtual Meetups

HTBARP Virtual Meetup

In this special monthly online sessions you'll meet passionate students from all around the world where you can discuss your challenges and successes to supercharge your concert photography career.

And If You Get Stuck - I Am Here To Help

Every single member will get email access to my support team and we are here to troubleshoot any issue you may encounter while implementing my tactics.

Got a specific question what camera to buy? What to include in your email when you apply for a magazine job? Need help figuring out the price when selling your photos? 

You´re one email away from the help you need. 

Plus, you´ll gain access to my secret Rockstar Facebook community of other concert photographers who are like you. You can ask for feedback, ask for specific recommendations on editing your photos, or share your work so that you can get a second set of eyes.

This is important. When you´re working on a problem, and you just can't figure it out, the support of likeminded people can be the difference between continued struggles - and lasting success.

I am so confident that Shooting The Rockstars can help you to get to the next level...

Therefore I want to offer you a NEW satisfaction guarantee:


Your investment in this training is backed by a 30-Day “Try The Academy” Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

When you enroll in the course today, you have a FULL 30-days to go through the course 100% risk free. If you feel that Shooting The Rockstars just didn’t work for you, email my support team, show us you did the work (building your portfolio, reaching out to outlets,..), and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund where you’ll get 100% of your money back.

Why do I offer such a lenient guarantee?

I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that this course works.

You see, some people put together a bunch of content that seems haphazard. “An idea here” and “an idea there.” But Shooting The Rockstars is different in one MAJOR way:

The entire course is a step-by-step guide.

That means, if you're just starting out as concert photographer, Module 1 will cover everything you need to know for buying your first camera equipment to shooting your first concert and building your portfolio, your working asset. If you’re working on getting press accreditation and perfect Composition, Module 3 is the right one for you. If you want to know how to do marketing so that your photos get shown to the right people, watch Module 4. If you want to make money with your photos and understand the music business, take a look at Module 5.

I made the system so easy to follow that I believe ANYONE can do it. And that’s why I put my money where my mouth is: You can go through the course for a full 30 days, and, if you don’t get results, email my support team, prove that you did the work, and you’ll get 100% of your money back.

So, join 100s of Shooting The Rockstars graduates, and I’ll show you how to become a successful concert photographer and live your passion.

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Just wanted to share some excitement that I'm having at the moment. In less than a few months, I've gone from photographing people I barely know to people I have idolised since I was a child. I just got the accreditation to do the Soundwave festival in Brisbane/Australia next year to photograph two of my lifelong favourite Rockstars - Marilyn Manson and Gerard Way! Matthias, you have given me more than I could ever give back!!! It has changed my career for the better!! You have no idea how happy and thankful I am!!

Rachel Van Luyt (Concert Photographer), New Zealand
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Awesome!! Thank you so much Matthias! I can't tell you how amazing it feels to take your advice and request photo passes and be approved. Your lessons are working!! I was an artist for 10 years and never had this much satisfaction. I owe you greatly

Andrea Ramirez (Concert Photographer), USA
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Out of 3 photo request, all have had positive responses!

I just recently translated your example photo request letters you provide in Shooting The Rockstars to Russian and sent them out this week for some upcoming concert and events and they have been 100% effective. Out of 3 letters sent, all have had positive responses!!! Matthias, I have to thank you!

Ivan Padilla (Concert Photographer), Russia
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
This girl has landed her first real job!

Because of your course and helpful tips.. this girl has landed her first real job with Ion Indie Magazine. I just wanted to stop by and say thank you! xoxo m/

Toria Lawson (Concert Photographer), USA
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
Super excited, I step into the big arena to shoot Deftones for the first

It's happening this week! I step into the big arena to shoot The Deftones in Dallas/Texas. Super excited, this is my first official "big" venue pass. Couldn't have done it without YOU! Thank you! It really has helped me a lot. ‘Shooting The Rockstars’ has been a game changer for me even though I thought I knew it all before getting it.

Joseph De Leon (Concert Photographer), USA
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )
One of the best investments I have ever made!

I can honestly say that Shooting The Rockstars was one of the best investments I have made in my young career as concert photographer. I by no means have mastered this craft, but feel that this training has equipped me with a solid tool kit that helps me get better every single day.

Matthew Belter (Concert Photographer), USA

I believe in keeping every customer happy and try my best help you succeed as concert photographer!


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If you made it this far down the page, it´s a sign.

It´s a sign that you want to start - and grow - your concert photography career and live your passion.

Maybe you've thought about it for a while...

... or maybe you just started thinking about it recently.

It doesn´t matter.

You saw the life that comes alongside when you become a successful concert photographer. 

You saw how you can get access to shoot your favourite bands.

You saw anyone can start - and grow - as concert photographer...

...even you don´t have a professional photography training.

...even you don´t have the budget to get the most expensive gear.

...even you have no idea about the music business.

The question is: what are you going to do about it?

You could think about it some more.

You could put it off for 'some day'.

Or you can take 2016 by the horns, go all in on concert photography, and see what happens.

And with my "Try The Whole Course' Guarantee", it´s truly risk free.

When you enroll in the course today, you have a FULL 30-days to go through the course 100% risk free. If you feel as if the course just didn´t work for you, email my support team, and I´ll issue a prompt and corteous refund where you´ll get 100% of your money back.


These are photos of my students after they joined my "Shooting The Rockstars" Academy

Frank Carter_Nici Eberl
Foals_Nici Eberl
Nici Eberl

I'm always skeptical of video courses and their content, having been burned many times before. Even for myself, shooting for a few years, I find that there is much to learn. It's an amazing value and as stated before absolutely worth every penny. If you are new to the hobby/profession or are aspiring to be involved like no one else can, I highly urge you to check this out.

Alan Welding, USA
Pittsburgh Music Magazine

This course is well worth it, because you would be very hard pressed to find this volume of information in such a comprehensive form anywhere else on the web in such a short space of time.

Ky Daniels, UKAudio Love Official


All packages are 12x payments (1 year subscription), afterwards you'll get lifetime access (+free updates)!


Access to my complete academy (no Bonuses)




  • 40 Lessons Videos Course
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    Transcripts, Slides, Audio
  • arrow-right
    Lifetime Access (free Updates)
  • Secret Facebook Group
  • Lightroom Presets Bundle
  • 166 Pages Ebook
  • Monthly Online Group Coaching

12 Payments (total cost $348)

Deluxe (only 5 spots left)

Access to my academy, Bonuses + Private Coaching Calls




  • same as Rockstar Package
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    6x private Coaching Calls
  • Portfolio Video Review
  • 1 year Priority Email Support
  • 1 year Emergency Phone Calls
  • Access to Rock Instagram
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12 Payments (total cost $2388)