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Stick my Rockstar Stickers on your camera equipment, suitcase, car,...and show that you´re  part of the worldwide How to Become A Rockstar Photographer movement. 
  • Free Rockstar Stickers: I´ll ship them worldwide and they arrived in Australia, Philippines, Indonesia, Japan, Africa, Chile, Mexico, all over Europe, USA, Canada and almost everywhere else on this planet. 
  • HTBARP Community: This badge shows that you are part of our worldwide HTBARP community and you´ll be surprised how often you´ll see people with the Rockstar Sticker in the photo pit. 
  • Delivery: I'll send my Rockstar Stickers from Vienna/Austria. So, if you're outside Europe please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery. 

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About Matthias Hombauer

Matthias Hombauer Self Portrait

I'm Matthias Hombauer. I spent years as a frustrated Ph.D. student until I discovered my passion for concert photography and found a way to become a professional live music photographer with no training!

Since then it's been an unbelievable journey for me - working with artists like Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel and The Prodigy, getting published on album covers, tour posters and magazines, being a regular contributor for international blogs like Rolling Stone, PetaPixel, Huffington Post UK and advising people at workshops, exhibiting my music pictures, traveling as a tour photographer around the world.

It's hard to imagine that, without having any professional training in photography, I went from being an absolute beginner to shooting for the most famous alternative bands on this planet. 

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