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Scott Burns

Matthias, thank you so much for your review of my portfolio! I felt it was so useful to have another set of eyes at my work and to provide very constructive remarks and criticism. I will absolutely implement the suggestions and continue to work on refining my photography. I highly recommend others to do the same.

Thank you, Matthias. I so much appreciate how helpful and thorough you were when reviewing my website and porfolio. Due to that detailed review, I made several significant changes to my website that has made it more streamlined and accessible to viewers.

Sylvia Borgo
Scott Moore

Thanks for your time and invaluable input regarding my website! I appreciate your view on this, very professional and well done!

Thank you Matthias for the great critique! I love that you commented in the quality of my work and which types of photos work in my portfolio as well as the technical aspects of my website. Overall it was very helpful and after implementing the changes you suggested I think my portfolio is much stronger!

Dan Wright

Get your personal Portfolio Review for $99 instead of $149

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