HTBARP Lightroom Presets Bundle 

No More Frustration With Challenging Light Conditions In Post Production

My HTBARP Lightroom Presets Bundle is out! Make your concert photos look awesome with only one click!
  • 12 unique HTBARP Lightroom Presets: 6x Black&White Presets + 6x Color Presets. These Presets are used by myself for post processing my own concert photos. All presets work on multiple lighting conditions (small dark venues, big stages and outdoor festivals)
  • Save hours in Post Production: get awesome looking concert photos with only one click. 
  • Easy Installation: my Lightroom presets will come with instructions (PDF + Video) on how to install and use my Presets on a Mac and Windows computer. You´ll set them up in less than 1 minute...Promise. The Presets will work with Lightroom 4 (and above).

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What People Are Saying

Anja Ivanovic

“I tested all Lightroom presets on multiple red, green and blue overcast images. Final result was awesome and needed no extra slider tweaking. I can totally recommend Matthias Hombauers' Lightroom presets!”

Pasi Eriksson

“These Lightroom presets made my post production a lot easier. I really like the tones. Just perfect! I can highly recommend Matthias Hombauers' Rockstar LR presets!

Mat Allan

“I've been using these Lightroom presets and they are simple outstanding! Not only have they helped to speed up my post processing workflow, but they will help turn your photos into beautiful images. Easily the best way to help combat the harsh lighting conditions every concert photographer encounters on a regular basis.”

Dino Zarafonitis

“Thanks for the Lightroom presets mate, they really help my photos stand out, ,freaking awesome man ! thanks so much!

Examples of my Lightroom Presets

The Prodigy by Matthias Hombauer

The Prodigy. From out of space (left), black and white conversion (right)

Disclosure my Matthias Hombauer

Disclosure. Blue lighting thunder (left) and the cool black and white conversion (right)

Toto. Flat Raw Image (left), using my color LR presets (right)

Vintage Trouble. Boring daylight image (left), using my color presets (right)

About Matthias Hombauer

matthias hombauer

I'm Matthias Hombauer. I spent years as a frustrated Ph.D. student until I discovered my passion for concert photography and found a way to become a professional live music photographer with no training!

Since then it's been an unbelievable journey for me - working with artists like Iggy Pop, Peter Gabriel and The Prodigy, getting published on album covers, tour posters and magazines, being a regular contributor for international blogs like Rolling Stone, PetaPixel, Huffington Post UK and advising people at workshops, exhibiting my music pictures, traveling as a tour photographer around the world.

It's hard to imagine that, without having any professional training in photography, I went from being an absolute beginner to shooting for the most famous alternative bands on this planet. 

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