1-on-1 Personal Coaching

Pick my brain and ask me anything!

This is going to be an exclusive one-on-one, online coaching session (1hour). I want you to succeed and I´ll give you all the advice you need for starting your own career.

It doesn´t matter if you´re a beginner or an already advanced music photographer. You can ask your questions and I´ll help you to reach your next level.

This is the most efficient and time saving way how to kickstart your concert photography career and the first time I am offering a personal coaching.

Get your personal Coaching Session for $149 instead of $399 for a limited time

Maria Narvaez

Pretty impressive how much you can learn in one hour. Very thankful to Matthias for answering all my questions in a simple and useful way. Good tips for concert photography and how I can do things better. Motivation mode On, thanks!

The 1-on1- Coaching was super helpful to see my work from his professional perspective. It helped me to understand the next steps in my concert photography career. The best thing is that everything was recorded and I can come back to this conversation as needed.

Julia Sariy
Gus Samarco

Man! Thanks for all your help. I felt like a rockstar photographing Sevendust! Your truly changed my perspective on concert photography

Get your personal Coaching Session for $149 instead of $399

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