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65 Concert Photography Settings for Beginners

Concert Photography Settings Revealed

The correct concert photography settings are key to getting great photos in small and murky concert venues. Unfortunately, the automatic mode on your camera simply won’t do the trick and for a lot of concert photography beginners, the journey already ends at this early stage. In this article, I’ll share some of the basic concert […]

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20 How My Life Changed As Music Photographer In 2014

2014 was the most exciting year for me since I started as a music photographer. From touring the world with the German balkan band Shantel & Bucovina Club Orkestra to releasing my first ebook „Guide to Rockstar Concert Photography“, this year was a roller coaster ride par excellence. Read on to join me on my […]

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98 Interview with Dave Watson

Dave Watson is the founder of the website where concert photographers from all around their world can showcase their work. He is interviewing amazing people like Christie Goodwin, Danny North and Adam Elmakias and built a community with the aim to help people who found their passion as music photographers.

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2 CRO Hombauer Mello Tour 17.11.2014 Stadthalle Vienna concert photos

CRO Mello Tour photos

The german über-superstar CRO is touring with his Mello Tour and stopped at the Wiener Stadthalle, Vienna. I had the opportunity to capture CRO and his awesome performance.

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2 Fink, Concert Photo, Vienna, Austria, 2014: Finn Greenall playing guitar

Fink Hard Believer Tour Photos

Yesterday was an exciting day for me. First, I gave my first Rockstar Concert Photography Workshop, which was sold out within 1 hour, in Vienna. Second, one of my favorite bands FINK were playing a concert of their Hard Believer Tour.

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