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58 Best_Camera_Straps_for_Concert_Photography

Best Camera Straps for Concert Photography

Which camera strap is the best for concert photography? When I was starting out as a concert photographer, I always used the Canon (and later Nikon) neck straps that were included in the box with a new camera. I wasn’t concerned about the straps until I felt the pain in my neck and back after […]

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6 Top Ten Concert Photography Etiquette Tips

Top Ten Concert Photography Etiquette Tips

Top Ten Concert Photography Etiquette Tips While photographing concerts and events can be fun and challenging, there are some things that you need to keep in mind as a first time shooter that will make your life easier when you are shooting. There are also things that some of the more seasoned photographers might forget. […]

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18 Phoenix performing on 21.07.2017 at the Out Of The Woods Festival in Wiesen. Austria

Phoenix – Live In Concert

One of my favorite bands, Phoenix were playing at the Out Of The Woods Festival, Austria. I took the opportunity to test the new mirrorless Fuji X-T2 and its capabilities for concert photography.

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HTBARP Podcast App

The HTBARP Podcast App

I am pumped to share with you the release of my new HTBARP Podcast App. The App is the most convenient way to access my HTBARP podcast on your mobile device. Every week you’ll get access all areas to the most influential music photographers on this planet where they’ll share their secrets, successes and crazy stories from […]

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3 Three_Songs_No_Flash three song rule

The Three Song Rule

The Three Song Rule You might have heard of the three song rule. First three songs, no flash! But what exactly is the three song rule? Who came up with the concept and what can you do as concert photographer to make the photo pit experience a great one. Background The 3 Song Rule was […]

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redhotchilipeppers_wien-6_by_Matthias_Hombauer Concert Photography Action Shots

Concert Photography Action Shots

How to Portray Concert Photography Action Shots Bringing out the action of a concert requires a mix of technical and compositional skills as well as an ability to predict and plan for key moments. This article aims to get you started by introducing you to settings, techniques and subjects that will help you get the […]

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