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3 Three_Songs_No_Flash three song rule

The Three Song Rule

The Three Song Rule You might have heard of the three song rule. First three songs, no flash! But what exactly is the three song rule? Who came up with the concept and what can you do as concert photographer to make the photo pit experience a great one. Background The 3 Song Rule was […]

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redhotchilipeppers_wien-6_by_Matthias_Hombauer Concert Photography Action Shots

Concert Photography Action Shots

How to Portray Concert Photography Action Shots Bringing out the action of a concert requires a mix of technical and compositional skills as well as an ability to predict and plan for key moments. This article aims to get you started by introducing you to settings, techniques and subjects that will help you get the […]

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2 Fink Hard Believer Tour Conrad Sohm Austria

Photography of Musical Instruments

Why would you photograph instruments at a concert? This is a good question. You’re at a concert to photograph the artist or band, not to take pretty photos of guitars, drums and microphones. However, photography of musical instruments can be of benefit if you do a good job and share it on social media sites. […]

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23 Kat Vinter Small Venue Concert Photography

Small Venue Concert Photography

So you’re a photographer attempting to get into gig photography? The best way is to start out in small venues. 3 Tips for Small Venue Concert Photography We are all dreaming of breaking into those bigger venues. However, for now, shooting in smaller, more cramped spaces is what will allow us to be more creative […]

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77 The Best Earplugs For Concert Photography HTBARP

The Best Concert Photography Earplugs

Which are the best concert photography earplugs? When I was starting out as a concert photographer, I always thought it was cool to be in the photo pit without any earplugs or hearing protection. I loved the loud music, being in the pit in front of the speakers. I saw the security guys wearing those yellow […]

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New Model Army live in concert on 09.03.2107 at WUK, Vienna, Austria

New Model Army

My all time faves New Model Army were stopping by in Vienna and I had the great pleasure to work with Justin & Co. together (including backstage and stage access).

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22 Music Photographer Logo HTBARP

Music Photographer Logo

The Music Photography Logo If you plan to shoot concerts and rockstars for anything other than your own enjoyment, you need to be thinking about how you will show your work and take it to the next level. Therefore a music photographer logo is a must have if you want to stand out.

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2016! What a year!

What a year! 2016 changed my life in different ways. I became a father, an entrepreneur, a mentor and a better person. Let´s jump right in to my best of 2016 article.

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Point & Shoot Camera for Concert Photography

A small, compact point & shoot camera with the ability to operate well in low-light situations can be your best friend at a concert. It stores easily in a small bag or pocket allowing you to take it anywhere. We’ve all seen a sea of people holding their phones in the air at concerts, trying […]

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