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32 James Blake, Electronic Beats Festival, 20121010, Arena, Vienna, Austria

Concert photography: Shoot Your First Concert

When you’re new to concert photography, it can all be a bit overwhelming at the beginning. Which clubs and concerts should I choose to shoot my first concert? What about my camera settings? Do I need a flash? Should I ask the band beforehand? In this blogpost “Shoot your first concert” I´ll unveil my experiences as […]

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91 Portfolio Thursday

Portfolio Thursday: Get your Concert Portfolio Reviewed!

I’m super excited today to reveal a new feature on my blog page called: Portfolio Thursday. Are you struggling getting your concert photos together to show your best work on your homepage? You’re not sure how to build a great Portfolio that will attract busy music managers and bands? Then you´re in the right place! […]

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Petzval lens exclusively tested for Portugal. The Man

I was asked to pre-test the newly reinvented 85mm Petzval Art Lens for Lomography. This legendary, 19th century lens, was financed by the support of over 3300 backers on Kickstarter and having raised almost $1,300,000 (!), it´s one of the most successful projects on the crowd funding platform ever. So I thought, why not test […]

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132 No Cameras Allowed, fake or real film by Marc Haney

No Cameras Allowed: Fake or Genius?

There´s a new film out called ‘No Cameras Allowed‘ which shows the journey of a guy named Marcus Haney who got into Coachella festival with a fake press pass and took exclusive film footage of famous bands. Furthermore, after doing this, he got invited by bands like ‘Mumford and Sons’ to join them on tour. […]

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27 The Best Way to Become a Tour photographer

You also want to go on tour with your favorite band? You want to travel the world and meet awesome people? Then you should consider to become a Tour Photographer. In this video I will talk about the best and (in my opinion) most important secret on how you can archive it too. And as […]

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24 Rockstarphotographers Matthias Hombauer and Todd Owyoung

Why I flew 6000km to hangout with Todd Owyoung!

Pssst. I´m about to let you in on some secrets of concert photographers today. I met up with no-one other than the guy who inspired me to become a Rockstar photographer by myself. Therefore I flew to Brooklyn, New York to hangout with Mr. Todd Owyoung to talk about passion, the music business and why […]

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18 The Rolling Stones, Concert Photo, Vienna, Austria, 2014: Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards performing on stage

The Stones in Vienna: My Photos on Fire

The Rolling Stones: “Start Me Up” The almighty The Rolling Stones were playing at the Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna in front of 55 000 fans. The Stones earned 8 Million Euros for the show and the building of their “14 on fire tour” stage took 6 days. See my photos of this spectacular event […]

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12 Miley Cyrus, Concert Photos, Vienna, Austria, 2014: Miley Cyrus on stage, money and fans

Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour concert photos

Miley Cyrus: “We Can´t Stop” Miley Cyrus was playing on 2014/06/10 at the Stadthalle in Vienna. There were only 10 photographers allowed to shoot the show and I had the opportunity to get into this exclusive group of concert photographers. We were not allowed to shoot from the photo pit, but from a dedicated space […]

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