The Best Way to Become a Tour photographer

You also want to go on tour with your favorite band? You want to travel the world and meet awesome people? Then you should consider to become a Tour Photographer. In this video I will talk about the best and (in my opinion) most important secret on how you can archive it too. And as a bonus I will show you around in our backstage area at the Tollwood festival.

Which band would you like to join on tour? Write in the comments below

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  • graeme mccubbin

    I’d pick coldplay killers or kings of Leon mabey franz ferdidnand!

    • nice choices graeme

      • Satanscamero

        I would love to shoot Killswitch Engage or Slipknot.I know these would be tricky to shoot tho as they are both bands with a lot of lively members!

        • Chris DesOrmeaux

          I shot killswitch the other week. Incredible show. Mild difficulty because there was a ton a movement at all times. But got some incredible shots.

    • Anthony Djuren

      Have shot Kings of Leon. They don’t trust anyone and their security people are a nightmare.

  • Lesley Keller

    MUTEMATH, hands down. exciting performances, great music, super nice guys, absolute professionals.

  • I’d choose Animals as LEaders, Tesseract or Neobliviscaris

  • Chris Patmore

    For me, Santana or Sinead O’Connor, mainly because they would be really interesting to be around when they were off stage, which is more than they are on.

  • Barbara Springer

    working currently on winning the trust of Prime Circle -world-class indie rock from South Africa! And wouldn’t mind traveling with the Foo Fighters.

    • thanks Barbara. Sounds good that you try to build your relationship with this band from South Africa. As I mentioned in the video, winning the trust of a band is crucial to get a chance to tour with them

  • Definitely with Weezer. They always have such great energy on stage; would be fun to shoot!

    • The more energy on stage the better your pics will turn out, Weezer is a good option for it 😉

  • Leeza Gomez

    coldplay definitely!

  • Brand new, Being as an ocean and paramore would probably be my top choices !

  • Josh Groban

  • Tamara

    5 seconds of summer . Blink182 the janoskians and greenday

  • Lindsay

    R5 or Jacob whitesides

  • Jayma Woods

    That’s a hard one… Probably Green Day. I love how Billie Joe will bring kids up on the stage to do one of their songs with them. I would love to capture that moment and I would love to be able to capture their high energy on the stage!


    I would definitely love to tour with J Cole. His whole production team is amazingly talented as himself. Or I would try to tour with a full band.. probably Fall out Boy! Lots of fun and natural energy comes out of that band!!

  • Meegan

    In the past two years in addition to photographing their shows, I have gotten to meet and spent time with two of my ultimate favorite bands. Turisas and Wintersun. Their live shows are phenomenal! They are full of talent, energy and are really cool down to earth guys. I am slowly trying to win the trust you mentioned to be considered a choice in the future. Becoming a tour photographer for one of them is definitely my dream.

  • Megan Ferer

    Panic! at the Disco

  • Dustin Jones

    Thrice, Deftones, Tool