Portfolio Thursday – Episode 1

Portfolio Thursday Pre-Show HOmbauer

Today I want to share with you my Portfolio Thursday – Episode 1. For all of you who didn´t see my post last week, click here to get more information about my project. What I would like to do is to review your music portfolio and help you to get a kick ass portfolio for yourself.

The aim is to learn from each other and get inspired by other music photographers that you probably haven´t known before. I am aware of this challenge, since everyone has another style and everyone likes different ways to photograph. Some of you might only use a tele photo lens to get tight head shots where others prefer ultra wide angle shots. And this is totally fine. I would like to focus on more general points like how is your portfolio organized, are there too many pictures that you are showing, how can you get a stronger composition in your concert photos and so on.

Therefore I want to discuss my portfolio on my site „How to become a Rockstar Photographer“ today (see video below). You´ll see that I separated my portfolio into „Concert“ and „Portrait“. It important for me to have a clear distinction between these photos. You´ll see that I only present 20 of my best concert pictures/music portraits. It doesn´t have to be the number 20. It canb be also 30, but I want you to understand why it shouldn´t be more. Imagine a busy music manager who wants to have a look at your online portfolio. If the loading of your page takes ages or he can´t find what he is looking for in the first moment you can be sure that this guy just closes your homepage browser window. Gone. So it´s important to keep everything simple and easy to find.

See more explanations about my portfolio here:

Keep sending your self portrait pictures and get the chance to get your portfolio reviewed by me on my blog. Click here to participate.

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Find my Portfolio Thursday Episode 2 here.

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  • silkimagery

    That’s a cool little video Matthias.
    I just have to get my ass into gear and update my portfolio eh? haha

  • Gumbylives
  • Donald Skidmore

    Hey Matthias, seeing as how your are amazing enough to post responses and such, I have a question for you- with cell phones getting more and more insane, (Nokia 1020 having a 42 mpixle camera for one, and just about everyone in the crowd having one) do you see a point where this whole “three songs and no more” bull*ish goes away?? I know why the rule came about, idiots photogs from back in the day didn’t know how to shoot and blinded the acts. But this last concert I was at (canon t3, 50MM 1.4 USM, NO FLASH) and I was simply amazed by the number of camera phones there going non stop, both with and without flash. One lady was actually filming with her cell with the light on!! Damn huge spotlight right in the singers face (Granted she probably didn’t know any better but after about 30 seconds I told her off) Obviously this will be a bit different from the smaller clubs to the larger venues, but seriously, are any of these acts going to get a clue?? One would think they would WANT the guys that know what they are doing and not everyone shooting everything auto with flash. Love to hear your thoughts and keep up this amazing, AMAZING work!!!

    • Hi Donald!
      I know what you mean and in some cases I also don´t understand the bands management who ban professional photographers 30m away from the stage whereas every fan in the first row can get better pictures with their iphone or compact camera. I have to rent a 300mm lens and use camera gear worth $10 000 and what you get is a decent shot.

      I guess, the problem is that they can not really control the audience. There are some bands like Prince and Danzig who don´t allow cell phone photos, but how should you be in control of thousands of people?
      On the other hand, they also just can´t take all the cell phones at the entrance.

      It would be interested how this issue will be solved in the future, but as a concert photographer you should definitely try to shoot directly for the band. This is the only way how to circumvent all these silly restrictions.

  • @ashcolored

    Hallo Matthias…. this is my portfolio https://www.flickr.com/photos/ashcolored/