HTBARP 4 Steve Brazill: Music Contracts and Photo Pit Etiquette

HTBARP 4 Steve Brazill

I know Steve as someone who is really working hard to give back to our concert photography community and I guess this is also the reason why we connected instantly. Beside shooting Rockstars he is working at a Radio station and helped me to set up this podcast. so special thanks to you Steve for helping me out.

In this episode we will talk about on how to deal with rights grabbing contracts, a topic that is getting more and more attention in the music business lately. Steve will reveal his point of view when it comes to photo pit etiquette and he’ll talk about his own podcast “Behind The Shot”.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What makes a great live music photo?
  • How do you deal with music contracts?
  • What is your view on photo pit etiquette?
  • What is your Podcast “Behind the Shot” about?

In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • How a wrong lens decision can challenge you to get better
  • Why you should always try to capture “the moment” of a show
  • Understanding music contracts and how to deal with them
  • Photo Pit Etiquette and why it’s important

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  • Perfect advice from Steve. Take a few moments to get the rhythm of the show before you start taking pictures. I truly feel that the resulting images will have far more context and interest if the shooter is fully involved in that image.

  • Timothy Lubbe

    Thank you Matthias and Steve for this top notch podcast,
    It was my first listen to your podcasts and it certainly won’t be the last.
    It’s really fantastic to hear the humility and proffesionalism combined with a conscious outlook on respecting other people.
    Thanks for the advice and great content covered.

    If you guys ever do a trip to South Africa and come along the east coast you have some cold beers waiting for you !

    • thanks so much Timothy for listening to my podcast and for your feedback. I#ll let you know when I am in South Africa ;).