HTBARP 1 Katarina Benzova: Touring with Guns N Roses and AC/DC

Katarina Benzova

Wouldn´t a dream come true to tour with the most famous Rockbands in the world? Flying on private jets, photographing in the biggest stadiums and traveling the world. Becoming friends with your idols you admire since you´re a child and getting the respect from other photographers?. Well, let me introduce you to…

Katarina Benzova is a former slovakian model who turned into a music photographer and is touring with bands such as Guns’N’Roses, AC/DC, The Dead Daisies and many more. After years of searching for her true passion she found it in music photography and is now living her dream life.

In this episode, Kat will talk about her career shifts, dreams, fears and how she got started with concert photography. She’ll reveal her working routines from staying fit to editing her photos and videos on tour. She’ll also talk about why you should use your gift as photographer to help others.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did you get stated to work for Guns’N’ Roses?
  • How did it make you feel to be hired from one of the biggest Heavy Metal Bands on earth?
  • What was the biggest challenge you faced when you got the job?
  • How is a typical day for you on tour with GnR?
  • What is your approach for backstage photos?

In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • Why you should chasing your dreams to become happy in life
  • How to deal with challenges
  • Why taking risks can be rewarding
  • How to get awesome Testimonials
  • The best strategies to shoot backstage portraits

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Instagram: katbenzova_rockphoto

Twitter: @KatBenzova

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  • Andreas Schiffmann

    Just linked on FB. Interesting listen … Thumbs up as always, Matze 😉

  • Mario Urbanovic

    My classmate…always missing at school because of traveling…perfect person 🙂