HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado: Being A Pro Heavy Metal Photographer

HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado

Todays guest is Madrid based Heavy Metal photographer Javier Bragado.

I met Javier the first time in Buenos Aires when we did our concert photography exhibition together with Matias Altbach and Dana Distortion (who I interviewed in Episode 5). Since than I become a fan of Javiers work and personally speaking he is one of the best out there.

We will talk about how he used myspace to get started as music photographer, what struggles he had to face in the beginning, how it feels to be on stage with Alter Bridge, his view on the music business and what approaches he is using to stand out in the crowded concert photography world.

HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado HTBARP 10 Javier Bragado

 In this Episode, You’ll Learn

  • How Javier evolved his style to become one of the best heavy metal music photographers
  • His story about working exclusively with bands like Alter Bridge
  • About his views on the music business in 2017
  • How to deal with rights grabbing contracts
  • Which approaches work for Javier to make him stand out from other photographers

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  • La Petite Italienne

    Hi Mattias! I’ve been listening to all of the episodes, and I just have a small suggestion; I would like to listen to someone that really had to struggle before becoming a rock photographer, someone that took pictures for free for years, someone that was about to give up and then finally made it. It seems that most of the people interviewed ended up doing it by chance, or had really good connections, or whose first gig ever was U2, or Motley Crue, or Guns n Roses (I’m not saying they did not have ANY problems, but sounds like their path was smoother than it is for the majority of rock photographers), and for someone that is still struggling, that can be a little anti-motivational. Other than that, I enjoy the podcast and will continue listening to it. I hope you don’t take this as a mean spirited critique, because trust me it, is not at all.

    My regards, Cecilia Martin

    • Hi Cecilia, thanks so much for your feedback! As you mentioned some of my guest had some special stories to share which might not be the “normal” way for most of us. My aim with this podcast is to interview a broad range of people and share their stories. Tomorrows episode will be Javier Bragado, who tells about his struggles when he started out and in 2 weeks will be Zach from the band Portugal. The Man who is sleeping only 3 hours/night to keep up with his busy schedule. Everyone is hustling and all my guests are working hard to become the artists who they are today. Like Drew Gurian who flew 160 000 miles in a year as an assistant. The common theme that I see after 10 episodes is that there is no shortcut. See their stories as inspiration for your own career. You’ll never know who you´ll meet at the next gig. Keep your eyes open and take the opportunities that life presents to you. 😉