What´s in my camera bag: Concert photography equipment on tour

My Concert photography equipment and camera bag on tour

Actually I am on tour with Shantel in Canada and I got a question from Laure, which gear I am using on tour and how I transport it on a plane. Therefore, I did a short video to show you all the photography gear that I have with me.

Going on tour with a band is the most exciting thing that you can do as a concert photographer. I joined Shantel on his Canada tour 2014 and so far it was a blast. We played Montreal Jazz Festival in front of 30 000 people and it always gives me an adrenaline rush when taking photos on stage. Being on tour needs also planing on what equipment you are taking with you.

In the following short video I open my camera bag for you to give you a quick overview about the photography gear I I am using on tour.

Have a look at the video here:



Nikon D700
Nikon D800





Camera Bags

Think Tank Airport International V2.0
Manfrotto Advanced Gear Backpack L

What equipment are you using for concert photography?

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  • MissPuddy

    This video was extremely helpful! Not only do we see the gear you brought but how to transport everything!

    • Thank you! I was thinking a lot which bags I should get for all my equipment on tour and the Think Tank Airport International and the Manfrotto Advanced gear backpack are great. There is also a US version of the think tank. So if you also tour in Europe definitely get the International version

  • Wezzy Cruze

    Great video Matthias. It’s always good to know how different photographers transport their gear.
    I’ve been rolling with the Lowepro SlingShot series for many moons now. Ideally, I’d like to get something bigger to carry more lenses for a “just incase” moment, for those “man, a fisheye would look good here” situations.
    But it feels like a James Bond reporting to Q Branch every time I pack up my bag, I have to assess what I’m shooting, pick the most suitable lenses and hope for the best to come out with a “mission accomplished” grin at the end.

    While I’ve never gone on tour, I have had to travel some 7 hours to shoot bands in our major city (Australia, where next door is a day away). I’ve sacrificed luggage in my suitcase for extra lenses or back up cameras, but it’s not the most suitable place for them. There is only so many socks I can use to wrap up lenses with so they have a safe trip, even though I’m travelling by car, Haha.

    Looking forward to seeing what others use in the group 🙂