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71 The Best Earplugs For Concert Photography HTBARP

The Best Concert Photography Earplugs

Which are the best concert photography earplugs? When I was starting out as a concert photographer, I always thought it was cool to be in the photo pit without any earplugs or hearing protection. I loved the loud music, being in the pit in front of the speakers. I saw the security guys wearing those yellow […]

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Point & Shoot Camera for Concert Photography

A small, compact point & shoot camera with the ability to operate well in low-light situations can be your best friend at a concert. It stores easily in a small bag or pocket allowing you to take it anywhere. We’ve all seen a sea of people holding their phones in the air at concerts, trying […]

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4 concert photography Lens hood

Concert Photography Lens Hood

Why should I Use A Lens Hood In Concert Photography? You should always use a lens hood, but especially in concert photography, even when you’re just walking around. The lens hood has many reasons for existing:

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Petzval lens exclusively tested for Portugal. The Man

I was asked to pre-test the newly reinvented 85mm Petzval Art Lens for Lomography. This legendary, 19th century lens, was financed by the support of over 3300 backers on Kickstarter and having raised almost $1,300,000 (!), it´s one of the most successful projects on the crowd funding platform ever. So I thought, why not test […]

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238 Portugal. The man

Concert Photography for starters on a budget!

In this blog post, I want to explain what camera equipment you need as a beginner in concert photography. You´ve probably seen music photographers with 2 camera bodies and huge lenses hanging around their necks. Although this might be normal working equipment for professional concert photographers, it´s absolutely not necessary to have this expensive gear […]

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