15 Music Photographer Logo HTBARP

Music Photographer Logo

The Music Photography Logo If you plan to shoot concerts and rockstars for anything other than your own enjoyment, you need to be thinking about how you will show your work and take it to the next level. Therefore a music photographer logo is a must have if you want to stand out.

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2016! What a year!

What a year! 2016 changed my life in different ways. I became a father, an entrepreneur, a mentor and a better person. Let´s jump right in to my best of 2016 article.

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Point & Shoot Camera for Concert Photography

A small, compact point & shoot camera with the ability to operate well in low-light situations can be your best friend at a concert. It stores easily in a small bag or pocket allowing you to take it anywhere. We’ve all seen a sea of people holding their phones in the air at concerts, trying […]

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2 Concert Photography Manual Focus

Concert Photography Manual Focus

When should you use manual focus in rockstar photography? One of the settings I recommend is to use spot metering and place your subject in the center of the frame, so that a half press on the shutter button focuses with the autofocus points set up in your camera, prior to fully depressing the shutter […]

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Music Photography Career

Is it possible to have a music photography career? Absolutely! You see the results everywhere. There are photographers who capture images for rockstars to use on their websites, social media, album covers, and merchandise. They also shoot for publication in print for magazines, books, concert posters, concert flyers, concert booklets, and billboards. How exciting is […]

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2 Underground Music Photography

Underground Music Photography

Going Underground: Why and How to Photograph Your Underground Scene Are you part of a small but vibrant scene? Is there a local bar putting on small acts every night? Bring your camera, for you and for them.

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2 The Cure - Live in Vienna

The Cure – Live In Vienna, Marx Halle

The Cure were performing on 2016/10/26 at the Marx Halle in Vienna. I had the great opportunity to also document the 2 days stage building process and I am always fascinated how much work and man power is needed to set up such a huge stage. It was my first The Cure concert and for […]

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